Quality policy

1. In NIIPL – BID factory we strive to achieve out profit goals by delighting our consumers with every product and service we offer. We are committed to anticipating consumer’s need through creating and delivering exceptional and preferred brands we seek to maximize the added value of these brands by supplying precisely defined quality at lowest possible cost.
2. Our management philosophy is that all activities in our business should be oriented towards the satisfaction of consumer needs both present and emergent and to the achievement of standards patently superior to our competitors through relentless pursuit of technological excellence, innovation, TPM, and quality management.
3. NIIPL – BID factory is committed to fulfill its satisfactory obligation and international standards of product that is harmful to our consumers. We will institute systems and measure to monitor compliance in order to meet our responsibilities to consumers.
4. We will maintain an open communication channel with our consumers and customers and will carefully monitor feedback to continuously improve our products and services and set quality standards to fulfill them.
5. Our employees are the primary source of success in our operations and we are committed to training and providing them necessary tools and techniques as well as empowering them to ensure broad base compliance of this policy in the organization at all levels.
6. NIIPL – BID factory is committed to extend our quality standard to our contract manufactures, to jointly improve the quality of our products and services. This policy is applicable to productions form our own facilities as well as production that are outsourced.
7. The authority and responsibility for dissemination and implementation of this policy is delegated to the individual unit heads. This policy will be periodically reviewed for its effectiveness and consistency with business objectives.

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